NuGet integration

IfSharp offers built-in NuGet integration by using preprocessor-like directives. Use the #N directive to automatically download packages and reference them. Example: #N "Newtonsoft.Json". This will get the latest version of the Newtonsoft.Json package.

NuGet Example

Specifying version and pre-release

The version can be specified by adding additional information to the string of the preprocessor directive.

The full format is as follows: #N "<packageName>[/<version>[/pre]]".

Version example: #N "Newtonsoft.Json/5.0.1". This will download version 5.0.1 of the Newtonsoft.Json package.

Prerelease example: #N "FSharp.Compiler.Service/0.0.1-beta/pre".

Not supported

Currently, dependencies are not automatically referenced, however they are downloaded.

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