Automatic Installation

  1. Install Anaconda
  2. Install IPython

  3. Download the latest version of IfSharp from the release repository. Run the setup wizard and execute the icon that is placed on the desktop.

Running the executable after it is installed will automatically generate the files necessary for starting up (if the file structure does not exist) and then execute the ipython notebook --profile ifsharp command.

If the file structure does exist, only the command ipython notebook --profile ifsharp is executed.

To overwrite the file structure again, invoke ifsharp.exe with the install parameter: ifsharp.exe --install.

Manual Installation

  1. Install Anaconda
  2. Install IPython
  3. Run: "ipython profile create ifsharp" in your user directory
  4. Open the iF# solution file, restore nuget packages, and compile it
  5. Copy the files from IfSharp\ipython-profile to the iFSharp profile directory
  6. Open up the copied "ipython_config.py" file and replace "%s" with the path of your compiled ifsharp executable. E.g. "C:\git\ifsharp\bin\Release\ifsharp.exe"
  7. Run: "ipython notebook --profile ifsharp" to launch the notebook process with the F# kernel.
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